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#344 - Marolta - Raschianela Mountains, 2 plots with three cottages

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The locality of "Raschinèla" is located at an altitude of 1000 mslm, and can be reached from the village of Marolta(760 mslm) in a few minutes and by a convenient mountain road that is paved for a good stretch, so it is accessible by any type of vehicle. During winter the road is accessible depending on snow cover.
It enjoys an excellent view to the east, and in particular to the Adula chain.
Excellent sunshine during summer and reduced during winter.
It can be reached from the Biasca highway exit in about 30 minutes.


The two plots are adjoining and physically separated only by the access road.
All together they form a fund of a total of 33'096 sq. m., on which there are a habitable and completely refurbished rustic house and two partially refurbished rustic houses.

Parc. No. 161

It is the main fund with an already habitable rustic house and about 20 m to the south a barn with a new poplar roof.

Around the two buildings the land is vacant and grassland for approx. 300 sq. m., while the rest of the fund, upstream part, consists of a forest with various types of trees (chestnut, walnut, birch, etc.).

The rustic living quarters (facing north) consists of two levels, with the basement level containing the cellar that serves for material/wood storage, tools, drinking water inlet and central for the solar system.

On the ground floor is a large living room with a large fireplace, a two-bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom with toilet. Wooden floor, as well as partition walls.

Living area of approx. 50 sq. m.

The roof is with a flat tile roof, interior with insulation, exposed beams and matchboarding.

Original stone and plastered perimeter walls. Structure still well solid and with AC reinforcement of north side wall.

Heating with wood-burning fireplace, electricity through solar panels, drinking water with private spring.

Sewer connected to its own leaky well.

The rustic house to be refurbished (facing south) is a typical barn of the period, where work has been carried out to re-roof the poplar roof with new wood carpentry and the formation of an AC slab between the first and second levels. The internal height of the 2nd level allows the creation of a new attic living floor.

Structure in general still solid with stone and plastered perimeter walls.

Ample possibility of own outdoor parking spaces.
Living space of approx. 50 sq m that can be doubled by creating a new level in the attic.

Parc. No. 162

Fund that is located downstream of the parcel described above, on which stands, at the southern end a rustic house to be renovated: typical barn of the time where work has already been carried out to re-roof, now covered with concrete tiles, new carpentry and formation of a CA slab between the two levels, with space for access by internal staircase.

East side wall, now made of wood with possibility of creating a large window with opening and view of the valley. The height of the room allows the creation of a new attic living floor.

Living space of approx. 50 sq m that can be doubled by creating the new attic floor.

Structure in general still solid with stone and plastered perimeter walls.

Possibility of creating own outdoor parking spaces. Land partially grassland and woodland.

Wide private path connecting the two plots, also suitable for vehicles.

Total price: 580'000.-


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